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Bird Flight Diverters (ROTAMARKA®)

For mitigation of Bird Wire strikes. This has been and continues to be a critical issue from an environemental stand point with many endangered species colliding with both distribution and transmission utility lines. This also creates problems for the Utilities and their customers with resulting outages and damage to infrastructure.  The Balmoral Bird Diverters have been designed in collaboration with a leading Professor of Biosciences and industry expert. Built with a unique checkerplate design which has been carefully selected to provide the highest visual impact on birds by providing a high level of internal contrast irrespective of background environemental conditions and light. The three dimensional nature of the product is also unique, allowing birds to visualise the product in full from any approach angle. The custom white colour reflects both sun and moon light and imitates the native signaling present in the plumage of some bird species.

Bird Flight Diverters


Power Line Markers for Low Flying Aircraft (ROTAMARKA®)

In the agriculatural industry, low flying aircraft and farm plant and machinary can potentially collide with hard to see poles and wires having with disastrous consequences. Aerial agriculatural activies routinely increase the risk of these scenarios occuring. The Balmoral Warning Marker range are purpose built and designed to provide an engineered outcome for both temporary and long term visualisation of powerlines, cables, wires and conductors. The three dimensional articulated design is Patent Pending and rotates and agitates in even low wind conditions to provide a superior visual indicator from all angles of approach. Contrasting colours increase the visual impact. The clamp is universal and fits conductors of diameter 2-50mm. Soft jaws increase grip to stop cable creep. High quality reflectors increase the visual impact. Available in both Bayonet and Eye Ring fittings to work with standard live line tools. Can be installed from the ground with Telescopic Hot Sticks.

Aerial aircraft power line markers

Power Line Markers for the Building & Construction Industry (ROTAMARKA®) "URBAN MARKERS"

Building and construction sites the world over face safety risks every day. One of these is the proximity of live overhead Power Lines and Wires which pose a risk to Earth Moving equipment, Cranes and other plant which may breach clearances and come into contact with live wires. This has the potential to cause injury or even death. The cause is usually related to the overhead Powerlines not being seen by the operators of the plant and equipment. The Balmoral Markers have been specifically designed to maximise their visual impact by rotating multi coloured fins in three dimensions. When installed on Utility overhead wires, they assist operators locate and plan to avoid any potential contact between the Powerlines and plant.

Urban power line markers on building sites

Power Line Markers for the Rail Industry (ROTAMARKA®)

Overhead wires pose a risk to the Rail industry especially during times of construction, repair or maintenance. Accidental contact with overhead wires whether live or de-engergised can cause major network problems, and interuptions to services if assets are damaged. Safety concerns are also heightened whenever the presence of live overhead high voltage wires approximate construction zones. The Balmoral ROTAMARKA® is a purpose designed rotating 3D line marker that can be installed on overhead wires to provide a strong visual indicator as to the presence of aerial high voltage conductors. Rotating with with wind speeds as low as 1-3 kph, the element of movement in the Marker is key to attracting the eye and providing the highest levels of visual awareness. Different colour options are available to allow for various rail industry requirements.

Rail overhead wire markers

Power Line Markers for the Mining Industry (ROTAMARKA®)

With onsite high voltage power and electrical infrastructure, risk of contact between plant and machinery and power lines is a constant threat. With overhead lines and wires notoriously difficult to visualise and mining activities occurring throughout the night and day, the Balmoral Markers can provide part of the preventative strategy companies can take to reduce or stop dangerous and costly incidents. The key aspect of the Balmoral Line Marker is the ability to rotate in the wind providing an element of movement that provides a dynamic warning.

Mini industry Power Line Markers for aerial conductors and cables



Earth MoverCrop DusterWedge Tailed Eagle






Powerline Marker Flag


Vinyl Flag Powerline Warning Marker

Installation Tools   

ROTAMARKA®3D Universal Joint























Warning Markers

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