ROTAMARKA Mini Bird Diverter

ROTAMARKA Mini Bird Diverter
Posted on December 19, 2018

ROTAMARKA Mini Bird Diverter



Bird wire strikes are a worldwide phenomenon potentially causing major outages or asset damage as well as further endangerment or killing some rare and protected species.

Our 3D ROTAMARKA Mini Marker has been specifically designed to mitigate against these risks faced by Electrical Transmission and Distribution Utilities throughout the world.



New Mini Marker:

Now with optional Photoluminescent Discs + Reflectors



3D Design:

  • 3D design provides enhanced visibility from all anges of approach     
  • Aerodynamic design rotates for high impact visibility


Professor Graham Martin:

Designed incollaboration with Professor of Avian Sensory Sciences

"When it comes to the design of stimuli that can be readily detected at the greatest distance then high internal contrast using black and white will always give optimum performance"


Colour Wheel:



  • Colour wheel - DAY
  • Mono wheel - NIGHT
  • Black & White elements provide the highest contrast in low light enhancing detectability by Birds.
  • Customer white colour fins reflects both sun and moon light and imitates the native signalling present in the plumage of some bird species
  • Complex algorithms have been utilised to optimise the size and shape of the Marker to allow Birds across a range of species sufficient time to avoid a collision


Reduce line loading by design, Less weight better clearance:


Installation options:

*4Nm recommended tightening torque


Product & Codes:

WM-CS-E-1E-RW - Red/White


WM-CS-E-1E-BW - Black/White


WM-CS-E-1E-BY - Black/Yellow