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The Balmoral range of insulating Mats, Covers, Blankets and Drapes are a comprehensive line of product designed to meet and exceed relevant safety and industry standards. Many of these products are accepted throughout the Utility industry as "the standard" when it comes to protecting Linesman and Electrical Workers from the risk of electric shock. Formulated from high quality blends of EPDM Rubber and PVC, they have high levels of resistance to UV and Ozone. Available in a comprehensive range of sizes and styles, with various fastening options including Insulated Magnets, Studs, Velcro and Eyelets. They come certified to both local and international standards including AS 4202 Class II Low Voltage Covers - 650 volts. IEC 61111 Class 0, Class 1, Class 2, Class 3 and Class 4 Ground Mats for insulation when working in front of Switchboards, Pillars and Pits. All of these products can be supplied with batch or individual testing from our "In House" testing laboratory as per customer requirements.

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