Our Polyethylene Line Guards are utilised by Utilities and Electrical Contractors and are designed to provide temporary electrical insulation and/or mechanical protection and/or visual warning of Power Lines and Wires. These robust units have decades of engineering and development to ensure the highest quality and safety standards. The Guard is tyically a plastic split tube design to allow straight forward installation over conductors and wires in the field. Depending on the type of product, they may also interlock (male and female) to extend a continous length along the wire. Tiger Tails® have become an industry standard and are a trusted name in Power Line safety. Tiger Tails® are certified to AS 4202 as a Class I Cover for use up to 650 volts. Our new "Panther Tails" have been approved by VESI in Victoria for use during live low voltage work. Guy Guards provide a secure way to help visualise, warn and protect stay and guy wires from any unintended contact with plant, equipment or the public. Jumper Wire Guards unlike most other Guards in the range, are of a corrugated design to impart a level of flexibility in the product. They are ideal for covering Bridges, Bonds or Jumper Wires and are rated to 650 volts as a Class I Cover. The new range of "Lion Tails" are HV rated for Class 2 and 3 work up to 15KV and 26KV (when both phases covered)

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