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A complete range of Rubber Insulating Gloves for both low and high voltage applications. The Marigold range of gloves provides some of the most dexterous and supple feeling gloves in the market. Complemented by Balmoral's in house High Voltage Test Laboratory, you can buy with confidence. The Marigold range of low and high voltage gloves are a Utility grade product. They come with a range of sizes including half sizes. They are available to order in a range of cuff styles and shapes. From Class 00 through to Class 4, the gloves include innovative safety features like dual layer construction, proprietary "Aqueous Dipping" technique to ensure the most pure Latex Rubber finish. The gloves are chlorinated for easy donning and duffing but which also contributes to a native level of flame resistance. Perfectly matched by permium Goat Skin Leather Outer Gloves complete the package. Also available are a range of accessories including Glove Bags, Talc and cleaning products. We also stock special Arc Flash rated Cut Resistant Gloves (Powerflex) that are also suitable for use as an "Outer" glove when following IEC/EN standards.



Class 00 500 V Gloves

Class 2 17,000 V Sleeves

Class 0 1000 V Gloves
Class 3 26,500 V Sleeves
Class 1 7,500 V Gloves

Class 4 36,000 V Sleeves

Class 2 17,000 V Gloves

Leather Outers
Class 3 26,500 V Gloves Accessories

Class 4 36,000 V Gloves

Bags & Storage




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